Thursday, July 12, 2007

Starbucks Coffee Drinks practically Free

I love Starbucks. I used to go there all the time to get flavored drinks. But now that I'm trying to be financially responsible by not "blowing" my money on unnecessary things, I cut Starbucks completely out of my life. The horror! The agony! The pain! I have never been so deprived in all my life.

Luckily, I found out how to make my own Starbucks for free at home. For Christmas I always tell others that I want flavored coffee additives like caramel, vanilla, amaretto, and chocolate. They usually come in a nice Christmas package but you can probably find them throughout the year.
Cheap Starbucks Drinks

I just brew some coffee the night before and pour into a jar. (A free jar that I've saved from olives or something) They sell Starbucks coffee at the grocery store which I’m sure you can use but I just use my favorite coffee and it tastes fine. I put the jar of coffee into the fridge before I go to bed.

The next morning:

1. Pull out my jar, pour into a tall glass
2. Add the coffee flavor of my choice
3. If using chocolate syrup, squirt it around the sides of the cup before pouring liquids into
cup-distributes easier.
4. Fill the rest with milk
5. Optional: To make it taste as sweet as Starbucks just add one packet of semi-sweet sugar

Why spend tons of money on Starbucks when you can make these sweet drinks at home for pennies? It's simple to turn them into blended drinks, all you have to do is add ice and put in a blender.

For Christmas we always have lots of mints lying around. I just add about three to the blender and have a seasonal drink. I would have spent about $5.00 on each of these drinks at Starbucks almost everyday of the Christmas Holiday. I absolutely love Blended Mocha Mint drinks!

Try experimenting and see what you can come up with. You will see how easy it is to save your money and still have Starbucks everyday!


j2r said...

you don't have to cut it out completely. I'm not a coffee drinker, so when we go to starbucks, it makes it a special occasion. Like going out for ice cream.

Try doing that. Instead of completely cuttint it out, try going there once a month with your family.

Misti said...

@j2r I know I can go there on special occassions. I just think I can spend my money in other ways then on "special" coffee drinks I can make at home practically free. :)

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