Friday, July 13, 2007

Yet Another Way to Rent Movies-Cheaper

I just rented from the new DVD kiosk we have at our local Von's store. It was one of the easiest ways to rent a movie!
I really enjoy watching movies. I used to go to the theater a lot. Then I started renting movies. I would rent from Hollywood Video every week. I knew I was saving money compared to movie theaters but the problem was I was still spending on average $20 each time I rented. I brought my son along and he would get some candy with the movie and I would end up getting a soda. We added two movies and probably a game rental each time. We were spending about $80 a month just to rent a couple movies.
Once I heard about Blockbuster Online I looked into the cost and figured it might be a better deal. I signed up and the first month I got tons of movies for a great price. I pay about $16 a month. What I get are two movies in the mail as well as free trade in. They just added this bonus as well, you can trade in a movie for a video game at a cheaper price for $4.99 instead of the regular $7.99. Plus you get a free movie or game rental coupon to use in-store. I average about 16 movies a month plus another free rental for $16 a month. That's pretty good at $1 a movie. I rent two movies online for the weekend and then trade them in on Sunday night to watch over the week. I noticed that we didn't really watch the ones over the weekdays as much so I changed our plan to one movie rental out at a time. That's still a great deal for only $11 a month and being able to trade them in store for free.
So today I tried yet another option movie renters now have which is a "movie kiosk." You can rent movies out of a machine! That's pretty cool and very convenient. I was taking my son over to my mom's today and thought it would be fun for him to watch movies while he's there. The video stores are not open and we only have a scary movie from Blockbuster so how easy would it be to stop at the machine on the way there?
I walked in, picked two movies and slid my ATM card. Done.
They stock the machines every Tuesday with the latest rentals. It costs $1.49 for each rental, per day. As long as you turn them in the day after before midnight you are getting a new released movie for $1.49. That's probably the best deal considering we might not always rent enough with Blockbuster.
These machines seem to be well stocked with movies. I'm sure most people turn them in right away considering their credit card is on file to be charged each and everyday. So check it out. They are popping up all over the place. The one I used is DVD Play. You can look up DVD Kiosks to find others too. Check it out, saves big on entertainment for the whole family!


j24 said...

it all comes down to how much DVD you watch.

If you watch one or two / month, then those kiosks might be a good idea, but if you watch a DVD every weekend, then it might not be a good idea. I also like the flexibility of watching the DVD whenever I want instead of having to watch it on that same day and having to return it the next day.

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Davie said...

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