Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Falling Off the Frugal Wagon

What do you do when you hit a point where you spend a lot of money out of nessesity or even out of fun and fall off the frugal wagon for a bit?

I live frugal almost everyday. I try cutting costs everywhere I can but there are just some days that I end up spending more money that I wish I would have. One of my biggest weaknesses is spending money on entertainment and just fun stuff that I like to have. It's hard to be disciplined all the time. But I always vow to get right back on track. The only way I've really learned to do that is by putting my debit card in a hiding space for a week. Then I make up my own savings challenge for the month. I try to beat how much I saved last month.

How do you get back on track to saving money? What helps you stay motivated and focused when there are so many things we could spend money on?


bluntmoney said...

I plan on spending money on entertainment each month, so maybe that is one way I keep it in check. But when I spend more than I'd planned to on something I find myself looking at the totals by category more frequently on my tracking. I also ask myself if that's what I want to be spending my money on.

Moneymonk said...

Misti, what was the last emergency you had?

Misti said...

Paying for my sons medical bills. We have insurance but you're right about the deductibles-they add up.

j2r said...

it's not easy. There are months (especially around Christmas) that my credit card will be out of my wallet more than in it.

One thing that helps me is my obsession with identity theft. I check my statements almost on a daily basis, so I can quickly notice that I'm overspending on something.

Moneymonk said...

I understand now, medical debt is something that you do not incur unlike cc debt.

maybe you can get a HSA through your job