Friday, June 15, 2007

Saving and Dreaming Like a Kid Again

Why is that when I was a child a few dollars went a really long way, but today I can’t make A buck stretch a day? I’m not talking about paying for bills or necessities either. I’m talking about all the misc. stuff that I “think” I must have. Like when I was a kid I had $3 and was satisfied for about a week. Now days if I have $3 I’m satisfied for about three minutes. I know that everything has gone up in price but so has my need for materialistic junk. I used to be happy with just a stick of gum, now I’m lucky if I can go a hour with just one magazine.

So I’ve decided to think like I was when I was a kid with money. Give myself an allowance, save some for bigger things that I think I must have and spend a little at a time. When it’s gone, it’s gone. That’s the way it was when I was a kid and I sure didn’t think I needed more all the time back then. Yes, I had dreams and asked my parents for bigger things but we never ran out and got them like I do today. My parents would say, wait until your birthday and that was that. I didn’t say, but Mom I must have it right now! How about I borrow some money from you and pay you back with interest and if I’m late then I’ll pay you more? HA HA that would have been a laugh. But today I do that. I want it now and I pay with my credit card and pay back with the interest and other fees. So let’s challenge ourselves to spend and dream like a kid.

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