Friday, June 15, 2007

Money to Save and forget about....

One of the easiest ways I've learned to save for some fun or something I want later on is to put money in books on your bookshelf. (I hope someone who knows me doesn't look in my books Whenever you have money just put a few dollar bills or even a twenty in a book on your shelf and forget about it. Yeah, it's not collecting interest but it's not your emergency savings; it's just some money you can stash for a rainy day when you're bored and broke. I've done this and after months I went through the books and realized I had $200 saved! That's really cool. But please and I mean please make sure you go through all your books before you sell them at a garage sale. My mom bought some books the other day and found two $20's in them the person selling them had left behind. Too bad for her we didn't remember where we got them to return the money. But if you're only saving $1 bills in books then it's not that big of a lost.
What are some fun ways you are saving and forgetting about it until a rainy day?

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