Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Grocery Game

One of the best ways I have found to save money on groceries is using "The Grocery Game." It costs about $5 a month to sign up. They have an updated list posted every week with all the foods that are on sale and the coupons to use that will save you the most money each week.
What you do is clip all your coupons and orgainze them in a coupon book. Each week print the list on Sunday and match up the coupons with the list. You will not use all the coupons that week but keep them for the upcoming weeks. Pick and choose all the items off the list you want to get.
In just a few weeks my kitchen was stocked with everything I needed to last two months at VERY LOW prices. I've never paid more then 50 cents for a can of soup and most of all the toothpaste I have stocked was free!
After you have stocked up pretty good just buy the items that are very cheap and free on the list to re-stock your kitchen each week. You will notice that you will not have to run out to the store for anything anymore. Your kitchen will basically be a store of foods. It's so much fun and saves tons of money. If you want to try it out go to and see if it's in your area. Make sure you let them know I referred you. My email address is
Thanks so much, keep saving!


Moneymonk said...

Costco and Sams's are also good to shop for things. Every little bit counts.

Misti said...

@Moneymonk, no doubt! Buying bulk items that you really use a lot of saves tons of money. I always buy cheese from Smart and Final in big packages which is so much cheaper then the stores. It lasts me the entire month.

MSMommoney said...

You can do the same thing at for might want to check them out.

Misti said...

@msmommoney Too bad they don't have it in California. Thanks for the info though! :)