Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cheap or Free ways to have fun this Summer

Summertime always seems to be expensive because kids are home from school and everyone just wants to get out in the sun and have some fun. I figured out lots of ways to have fun with my family for very little money if not free:

1. Take a trip to the beach, lake, or river. In order to keep this cheap bring everything you need or may think you need before hand. A lot times people get to the beach and decide they want a boogey board and end up spending $20 on one when they probably had one at home. Pack a bigger cooler full of food and drinks. Bring plently of towels, sunscreen, water, and snacks. Try to only bring $10 cash and see how far you can make it strech, maybe an icecream for everyone!

2. Camping, same rules apply to the above.

3. Take a bike ride with the kids on a bike path, bring a water bottle and snack. Maybe ride to the park.

4. The all too famous parks. I know going to the park doesn't sound like that much fun when you probably go to them all the time so here's a little extra excitement to this one. Go to parks outside your neighborhood and bring some food to BBQ. Explore parks that you have never been too. It will be fun for the kids and adults too!

5. Go swimming at the local public pool or a friends pool. Public pools cost about $1-3. Very cheap fun for the hot afternoon.

6. Take the family to the local farmers markers. They have lots of fresh food for cheap. You have fun as well as get some grocery shopping out of the way. :)

7. Ride the public bus or the subway to a far away place. Only costs about $2-3.

8. Take a road trip to your old neighborhoods you use to live in when you were a kid. Show your kids where you use to go to school and ride bikes.

9. Have a garage sale! I know it sounds like a lot of work but you could get the kids really involved. Have them go through their toys. Make some lemonade for them to sale and make some money while having fun.

10. What are your ideas to have fun with little or no money this summer?

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Tamara said...

Something we do is sponge tosses, The kids love playing catch just get sponges (I went to the dollar tree and got a pack of the Med sized ones) get them wet and play catch you get a little wet and tons of giggles.